Metadata Summary: United States Census 2000 - Summary File 3

Dataset Type: Statistical data

Name of Data Source: United States Census 2000 - Summary File 3

Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): CENSUS_2000_SF3

Description of Datasource: Summary File 3 (SF 3) contains the sample data, which is the information compiled from the questions asked of a sample of all people and housing units during the 2000 Census.

How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Every 10 years

Period of Record Within the Atlas: 2000

Date Added/Updated on Atlas: 1/1/2000

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: The data presented are from Summary File 3 (sample) of the 2000 Census. The data are not exact since a) not everybody in all of Hillsborough County was included and b) additional sampling techniques were used for the Community Atlas estimates of areas with boundaries that do not equal the Census boundaries. Additionally, some areas of the County have experienced tremendous growth since the last Census was taken. Please view this data as estimates only.

Custodian Information:
U.S Department of Commerce
U.S. Census Bureau

Contact Name: U.S. Census Bureau - Atlanta Regional Office

Contact Email:

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