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Crime Statistics

Crime statistics present the yearly rates for reported crimes within Hillsborough County. The information presented are part of the Uniform Crime Report, Part 1, which includes particular types of crimes in order to track fluctuations in crime nationwide. The Total Crime Index is the sum of the offenses that are part of the Uniform Crime Report, Part 1. Learn more about Crime Statistics »

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Child Abuse Statistics

Please view Child Abuse Statistics under the Health Theme.

Juvenile Justice Statistics

The intent of this indicator is to provide localized data that will raise public awareness and aid in the reduction of juvenile crime and delinquency in Hillsborough County. Statistics provided on the Community Atlas are from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). The DJJ mission is to protect the public by reducing juvenile crime and delinquency in Florida. The agency emphasizes prevention and intervention as a means to reduce crime, and tries to provide a balanced approach that includes rehabilitation, education and incarceration, as a last resort.

The latest DJJ data available is for 2012-2013, with additional years of data going back to 2010 to allow for comparison and trending. Data and research materials are available from the Office of Research and Planning.

Community Atlas data emphasizes the number of youths referred rather than the number of juvenile offenses committed since this type of information makes more sense to teachers, citizens and others in the community, and can be useful for prevention and assessment of community programs. Learn more about Juvenile Justice »

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Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners or former partners to establish power and control. The effects of this violence are seen in the burdens placed on our health care, educational, social service, child welfare, and criminal justice systems, and in the workplace. (Florida Department of Children and Families)

The following table displays the number of domestic violence offenses in Hillsborough County, and the municipalities, communities or neighborhoods it contains. The community or neighborhood's rank among all others in Hillsborough County is provided in parentheses next to the number of offenses in a given year. There are 24 established communities in Hillsborough County and 222 neighborhoods within the City of Tampa. Learn more about Domestic Violence »

Number and Rank of Domestic Violence Offenses in Hillsborough County
  Hillsborough County
2013 9,904
2012 6,260
2011 6,706
2010 6,524
2009 6,847

Data Provider: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Data Updated: June 2014

Data Provider: Tampa Police Department
Data Updated: June 2014

Police/Sheriff Stations

The following police or sheriff stations are located in Hillsborough County.

Police/Sheriff Stations
Station Name Address
Police Department - Plant City Police Dept1 Police Pl
Police Department - Seminole Police Department5223 Orient Rd
Police Department - Tampa Police Department - District 13818 W Tampa Bay Blvd.
Police Department - Tampa Police Department - District 29330 N. 30th Street
Police Department - Tampa Police Department - District 33808 N 22nd St
Police Department - Tampa Police Dept411 N Franklin St
Police Department - Temple Terrace Police Dept11250 N 56th St
Police Department - University of South Florida Police Department4202 E Fowler Ave UPB 002
Sheriff's Department - Hillsborough District 114102 20th St N
Sheriff's Department - Hillsborough District 22310 Falkenburg Rd N
Sheriff's Department - Hillsborough District 37202 Gunn Hwy
Sheriff's Department - Hillsborough District 4508 33rd St SE
Sheriff's Department - Sheriff's Operations Center2008 E 8th Ave

Data Provider: Multiple Data Providers (Compiled by the USF Water Institute)
Data Updated: June 2015

Fire Stations

The following fire stations are located in Hillsborough County.

Fire Stations
Station Name (Community) Address
Fire Station 1 (City of Plant City)604 E Alexander St
Fire Station 1 (City of Temple Terrace)124 Bullard Pkwy
Fire Station 1 (City of Tampa)808 Zack St
Fire Station 1 (Palm River)3308 S 78th St
Fire Station 10 (Town-N-Country)8430 N Grady Av
Fire Station 10 (City of Tampa)3108 N 34th St
Fire Station 11 (City of Tampa)710 E Fairbanks
Fire Station 11 (Brandon)117 Ridgewood Av
Fire Station 12 (Gibsonton)8612 Gibsonton Dr
Fire Station 12 (City of Tampa)3073 W Hillsborough Av
Fire Station 13 (City of Tampa)2713 E Annie St
Fire Station 13 (Citrus Park)7502 Gunn Hwy
Fire Station 14 (USF)1404 E 131st Ave
Fire Station 14 (City of Tampa)1325 S Church
Fire Station 14 (USF)1113 E. 139th Ave
Fire Station 15 (City of Tampa)4919 S Himes
Fire Station 15 (Palm River)715 S 58th St
Fire Station 16 (Riverview)9205 Kevin St
Fire Station 16 (City of Tampa)5126 E 10th Av
Fire Station 17 (City of Tampa)601 E Davis Blvd
Fire Station 17 (Ruskin)101 1st Av NE
Fire Station 18 (Brandon)105 Cactus Rd
Fire Station 18 (City of Tampa)5706 N 30th St
Fire Station 19 (Carrollwood)13201 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Fire Station 19 (City of Tampa)4916 W Ingraham St
Fire Station 2 (City of Plant City)809 N Alexander St
Fire Station 2 (City of Temple Terrace)2 Telecom Pkwy
Fire Station 2 (Lithia)6726 Lithia Pinecrest Rd
Fire Station 2 (City of Tampa)5405 W Spruce St
Fire Station 20 (City of Tampa)16200 Bruce B Downs
Fire Station 20 (Town-N-Country)7020 W Hillsborough Av
Fire Station 21 (City of Tampa)18902 Green Pine Ln
Fire Station 21 (Thonotosassa)11641 Flint Av
Fire Station 22 (City of Tampa)10871 Cross Creek Blvd
Fire Station 22 (Balm/Wimauma)1120 7th St
Fire Station 23 (East Hillsborough)3138 Sydney Dover Rd
Fire Station 24 (Lutz)129 Lutz Lake Fern
Fire Station 25 (East Hillsborough)4503 Coronet Rd
Fire Station 26 (East Hillsborough)5302 W Thonotosassa Rd
Fire Station 27 (Valrico)4705 E Bloomingdale Av
Fire Station 28 (Sun City Center)4551 Sun City Center Blvd
Fire Station 29 (Apollo Beach)625 Golf & Sea Blvd
Fire Station 3 (City of Tampa)103 S Newport Av
Fire Station 3 (Summerfield)11101 Big Bend Rd
Fire Station 30 (East Hillsborough)2426 Charlie Taylor Rd
Fire Station 31 (Town-N-Country)8901 Memorial Hwy
Fire Station 32 (East Lake)5808 Harney Rd
Fire Station 33 (Brandon)850 S Falkenburg Rd
Fire Station 34 (Lutz)6415 Vandyke Rd
Fire Station 35 (Citrus Park)10401 Countryway Blvd
Fire Station 36 (Valrico)116 N Dover Rd
Fire Station 37 (Brandon)5602 Providence Rd
Fire Station 38 (Citrus Park)9805 Sheldon Rd
Fire Station 39 (Town-N-Country)7371 Montague St
Fire Station 4 (City of Tampa)2100 E 11th Av
Fire Station 4 (Seffner)11826 Hwy 92
Fire Station 40 (Carrollwood)16304 N. Nebraska Av
Fire Station 41 (Carrollwood)15905 Mapledale Blvd
Fire Station 42 (Carrollwood)5209 Ehrlich Rd
Fire Station 43 (USF)3100 E Fletcher Ave
Fire Station 5 (City of Tampa)3900 N Central Av
Fire Station 6 (City of Tampa)311 S 22nd St
Fire Station 6 (Carrollwood)10110 Henderson Rd
Fire Station 7 (City of Tampa)6129 N Nebraska Av
Fire Station 7 (Brandon)122 W Bloomingdale Av
Fire Station 8 (City of Tampa)2015 N Manhattan Av
Fire Station 8 (Balm/Wimauma)602 Lightfoot Rd
Fire Station 9 (Brandon)3225 N Falkenburg Rd
Fire Station 9 (City of Tampa)2525 W Chestnut

Data Provider: Multiple Data Providers (Compiled by the USF Water Institute)
Data Updated: June 2015

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