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Historical Documents

  • Alafia Community History - Excerpt from Hillsborough County Historic Resources Survey Report; historical account of the first settlers of the Alafia & Alafia River community areas including what is now known today as Plant City & Lithia.
  • Antioch Community History - Excerpt from Hillsborough County Historic Resources Survey Report; historical account of the community Antioch, around Lake Thonotossa, from the time of its settlement in 1857.
  • Concise Natural History of East and West Florida, A - This 1775 document from Bernard Romans, an earlier explorer of Florida, describes the indigenous people that he encountered and the environments in which they lived.
  • Egmont Key Lighthouse Condition Assessment - Report on Egmont Key Lighthouse, located at the entrance to Tampa Bay, giving its history, description, and an 11-point assessment of its condition and recommended maintenance, repairs and enhancements.
  • Florida Cigars: Artistry, Labor, and Politics in Florida's Oldest Industry - A collection of historic photographs highlighting the cigar industry in Tampa and throughout Florida, each with explanatory text.
  • Florida Historical Markers Programs – Marker: Hillsborough - List of historical markers in Hillsborough County, including Plant City, Tampa, Ruskin & Ybor City. For each marker, location, city and description is given.
  • Hillsborough County History - A one-page history of Hillsborough County.
  • John T. Lesley: Tampa's Pioneer Renaissance Man - Biography of John T. Lesley, one of the most influential first settlers of Tampa, from his birth in 1835 to his death in 1913.
  • Photo: Gandy Bridge in 1930 - Photograph of toll booth and historical information on the Gandy Bridge, which was dedicated in November 1924.
  • Prohibition in Tampa - Excerpt from Tampa Bay History magazine describing the Prohibition Era in the City of Tampa.
  • Tampa & the Coming of the Railroad, 1853-1884 - Narrative discussing the trials & tribulations Tampa went through to have a railroad built through the 1850s & 1860s & how the leadership of Henry B. Plant finally brought the railroad to Tampa in the 1880s. Excerpt from the Nov. 1991 issue of The Sunland Tribune, journal of the Tampa Historical Society.
  • Tampa and the Spanish Civil War - This excerpt from the Fall/Winter 1997 issue of Tampa Bay History magazine has five articles about the effect of the Spanish Civil War on Tampa residents, including photos illustrating the events that occured in Tampa during the civil unrest in Spain in the 1930s.
  • Tampa at 1948 - This excerpt from Vol. XXV of The Sunland Tribune, published in 1999 by the Tampa Historical Society, details the effects of world affairs on Tampa residents during the tumultuous years following WWII. By Dr. Gary Mormino.
  • Tampa at Midcentury: 1950 - This excerpt from Vol. XXVI of The Sunland Tribune, published in 2000 by the Tampa Historical Society, describes how the city of Tampa grew in the 1950s in population, business & how Hillsborough County's growth affected Tampa. By Dr. Gary Mormino.
  • Tampa's Early Lighting and Transportation - This article, an excerpt from Vol. XVII of The Sunland Tribune, published in 1991 by the Tampa Historical Society, explains how electricity was first brought and used in Tampa around the 1880s, including how it changed transportation to include the trolley or the "electric street railway". By Arsenio M. Sanchez.
  • University of South Florida, History and Traditions - The University of South Florida was founded in 1956. These pages recount its major milestones and list its traditions and annual celebrations.
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