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Posted: 5/18/2009
Children's Board May Calendar

Please follow the link below to see the May 2009 Children's Board calendar of events.

Posted: 5/18/2009
May Children's Board Calendar

Please follow the link below to see the May 2009 Children's Board calendar.

Posted: 2/23/2009
Prevent Child Abuse Florida is now on Facebook!

Prevent Child Abuse Florida has linked up with the social networking scene by becoming a member of Facebook! If you're already a Facebook member you can join our efforts in two ways. Become a "fan" of our business and receive updates on what we're doing to prevent child abuse in Florida; or join the Prevent Child Abuse Florida Cause. Both ways will allow you to be informed of the latest efforts that are making children a priority in Florida and how you can become involved. By joining our cause or a becoming fan you can invite your friends and show you care about raising the leaders of tomorrow on your home profile page. Not on Facebook? You can still view our Business page and see what it's all about. Hope you'll come check us out!

Posted: 2/9/2009
National Parent Leadership Month Encourages Opportunities for Parents to Shape Our Communities

The Florida Circle of Parents support groups are based on shared leadership, mutual respect, and inclusiveness and are open to anyone in a parenting or care-giving role. There are currently 54 groups throughout Florida and all free, confidential and non-judgmental. For more information on parent leadership or the Florida Circle of Parents, contact Christie Ferris at To find a Florida Circle of Parents support group in your area, go to

Posted: 1/10/2009
Take the Hillsborough Community Atlas User Survey

We would like to hear from you, the Community Atlas user, on your experience using this dynamic atlas of community information. Please take about 5 minutes to answer a few questions on the usability and components of the Community Atlas in order to help us improve its functionality. Thank you for your time and for visiting the Hillsborough Community Atlas.

Posted: 1/8/2009
Community Atlas Offline for Maintenance Jan. 9th

This website will be offline from 6:00 PM Friday, Jan 9th until 6:00 AM Saturday, Jan 10th for maintenace.

Posted: 1/11/2008
New! University Area CDC Mapping Application (BETA)

Check out the new mapping tool designed to look at crime and demographics data for the University Area CDC neighborhood.

Posted: 1/8/2008
Moffitt looking to talk to Hispanic women for genetic awareness study

If you are a Hispanic woman and you or one of your family members has had breast or ovarian cancer, Moffitt Cancer Center wants to hear from you. Researchers want to talk to women about how much they know about cancer genetics and how they get their information The study consists of a 60 minute interview.


Jessica McIntyreMcIntyre,Moffitt Hospital,
phone:813 745-6102.

Posted: 8/20/2007
Parents asked: What do you need?

The Childrean's Board and Dr. Peter A. Gorski conduct interviews to learn what local families need.

Posted: 8/6/2007
In Time For School - Head Lice 101

The human head louse, Pediculus capitis DeGeer ( Figure 1 ), infests 10-12 million people each year in the United States. Pediculosis or "lousiness" is one of the most prevalent communicable conditions in this country. Lice are primarily transferred from person to person by direct contact or by several people using the same combs, brushes, hats, costumes, athletic equipment, towels, or bedding. Human head lice are not found on animals or household pets and are not transmitted from pets to humans. Because of children's play activity and close contact, head louse infestations are usually found on children, but can also spread to adults. Follow link for complete article.

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