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Posted: 3/8/2011
This was the week that was for The Children's Movement of Florida, and what next week holds...

We closed out the week with a webinar seen by a thousand business and civic leaders as well as child advocates who wanted to be brought up to date in the progress of our five principal legislature issues: Health insurance for children, screening and treatment for children who may have special needs, fixing Florida's pre-K program so it is the high quality that is mandated in the State Constitution, and making real progress in making far more available the highest-quality mentoring and parent skill-building programs. Several key Movement leaders will be in Tallahassee next Tuesday and beyond as the Legislature goes into session. The Children's Movement will host a legislative reception just down the street from the State Capitol Wednesday evening. Statewide coordinator Vance Aloupis spoke to a key gathering of more than 200 non-profits and foundations in Washington interested in the progress of The Children's Movement of Florida and how it might be replicated in other states.

Posted: 3/1/2011
Disaster Planning Tips for Older Adults

Disaster can strike without warning. An important part of planning for a disaster is to have a plan for what you will do if you have to leave your home. Pick a place to meet family members or a close friend in the event that you have to evacuate. Communications often are down early in a disaster, so knowing where to meet loved ones or friends ahead of time is helpful. Use the special tips in this 4-page fact sheet to plan and prepare for any emergency. Written by Carolyn S. Wilken, Linda B. Bobroff, and Emily Minton and published by the UF Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences, February 2011.

Posted: 3/1/2011
Healthy Living: Taking Care from Head to Toe

If you have diabetes, pay special attention to your skin, eyes, teeth, gums, and feet. These areas are at increased risk for complications due to your diabetes. Read this 2-page fact sheet to learn how you can take care of your body from head to toe! Written by Jennifer Hillan and Emily Minton, and published by the UF Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences, February 2011.

Posted: 2/11/2011
Another busy week for The Children’s Movement of Florida; then again they all are…

With the legislative session just a month away, I see so many Floridians working extra hard to make progress on issues that most matter to the future of children – and of our state. One of those issues: Coverage for the hundreds of thousands of Florida’s children – in the richest, most generous country in the world – who have no health insurance.

Posted: 1/24/2011
Update from The Children's Movement of Florida January 24th 2011

Following last week's good meetings with a dozen key Florida legislators, I traveled to Tallahassee this week to meet with the leadership at the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs. Here’s a quick report to update you on this week’s activities on the link below for details.

Posted: 1/18/2011
Update from The Children's Movement of Florida

Accompanied by Monica Rodriguez (plus Lena Juarez several times), Dave Lawrence met last week for two days with a number of legislators to talk about The Children's Movement of Florida. As interested as I am in public life and politics, both Monica and Lena know the details of Tallahassee lawmaking far better than I. Their guidance and wisdom were invaluable. All listened, and some expressed quite enthusiastic support for what The Children's Movement seeks to do. Many of them have specific interests in some of our five key issues: Health insurance, screening and treatment of children who may have special needs, pre-K quality, mentoring and parent skill-building.

Posted: 1/18/2011
FREE admission 4pm - 8pm to Glazer Children's Museum on the First Tuesday of the Next 4 Months

There's no catch, and no hoops to jump through to qualify. Simply show up at the museum between 4pm and 8pm the first Tuesday of each month and your admission is covered courtesy of Target. Coupons available on link below.

Posted: 1/18/2011
EPA Grants Continue to Protect Beachgoers

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing almost $10 million in grants to 37 states, territories and tribes to help protect swimmers and beachgoers at America’s beaches. The grants will help local authorities monitor beach water quality and notify the public of conditions that may be unsafe for swimming. The grants have enabled states and territories to more than double the number of beaches they monitor since 2003. This continues EPA’s efforts to help beach managers provide consistent public health protection and up-to-date information about local beach conditions.

Posted: 1/3/2011
Water's Journey Exhibit Anchors New Children's Museum

Walk through the doors of the new Glazer Children's Museum in downtown Tampa and you'll face an impressive two-story exhibit with children hanging from the sky, pretending to be drops of water in the clouds. The Water's Journey was sponsored by the Southwest Florida Water Management District as part of its education and outreach mission. The exhibit has become a prominent draw in a museum that is designed for children, and it takes a lion's share of the visitors' time. The museum expects 100,000 people to visit the facility yearly.

Water's Journey and Watch That Water, another District-sponsored exhibit in the museum, help children learn about water supply, water conservation and the water cycle in simple, easy-to-understand terms, said Beth Putnam, a SWFWMD communications manager. In the Watch That Water exhibit, children make choices that affect water use in a computerized, simulated house. As they make choices, an LED display shows the aquifer level rising or falling.

Posted: 12/20/2010
The Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay

Welcome to the Children Gallery! Protecting children and strengthening families is the responsibility of every member of the community. There are many ways to help a child or family in need in your community.

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