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Posted: 11/23/2011
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is Seeking Nominations

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is seeking nominations for people, groups and businesses who go above and beyond for our environment. Nominees must be located within Hillsborough County. Nominate your Treasures of Tampa Bay! Recipients will be recognized at our 22nd Annual Awards Breakfast on Tuesday, January 24, 2012.







Areas of Focus Include:

Litter Prevention/Removal

Community Improvement

Park Restoration

Recycling/Waste Reduction

People's Gardens

Innovative Green Initiatives

For the Nomination Application & Guidelines, contact

Click here to visit Keep Tampa Bay

Posted: 11/16/2011
FREE Child's Admission to Glazer Children's Museum
Posted: 10/19/2011
And, now, some good news...from The Children's Movement of Florida

Some good news from the past day

- The Governor did sign Florida's Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge Grant application – meaning Florida is a full competitor for a $100 million federal grant. Those dollars would be used to increase quality that would give children a better chance for success in school and in life. If Florida “wins” this grant in December, the focus will be on children who need the most help, and be respectful of providers (without adding bureaucracy). - And the state’s Board of Education did approve high-quality learning standards for Florida's VPK for 4 year olds. When we're spending almost $400 million of the people’s money each year on a program that serves 166,000 children, we need to be sure what we do works for children.

So while we are nowhere close to the “promised land” for Florida’s children, we did take a couple of steps forward.

Thank you for your support.

Dave Lawrence


The Children's Movement of Florida

Posted: 9/29/2011
'Going forward — optimistically' from The Children's Movement of Florida

In the next few weeks, we will announce a somewhat-revised Movement agenda to include more emphasis on reading by third grade and more emphasis on public schools (where 90 percent of Florida’s children go).

Posted: 9/29/2011
2010 Census Data Are Now Available

The Hillsborough County Community Atlas has recently been updated to include 2010 U.S. Census data. These data can be found on the "Demographics" page for all neighborhoods, communities and municipalities being presented on the Atlas. Click here to view the updated Census information for the county as a whole.

Please note that not all of the demographic information contained on the page has been updated for 2010. This is because some of the 2000 information being presented has yet to be released for 2010 by the U.S. Census Bureau. The demographic information that has been updated includes:

  • Population
  • Population Density
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Population by Race
  • Hispanic or Latino Population
  • Household Characteristics

To determine where the newly updated data resides within the Demographics page, look for the 2010 Badge on the top-left corner of a component:

For components that have been updated, there are many ways to view and analyze the new data:

  • Data Tables - View the statistics for the locality of interest, the unincorporated county, the county and the state of Florida.
  • Map Links - View the information spatially via our GIS-based Advanced Mapping Tool.
  • Interactive Graphs - View the data graphically within our newly updated graphing package.

For most components, the new graphing package has been set up to show the percent change of a demographic over the past ten years. To drill down and discover the raw numbers these percentages are based on, simply hover over the graphical feature:

Another new capability within the graphing package is the option to turn columns, bars and pie pieces on and off by simple clicking on the respective item within the graph legend. This can be useful if you are looking to copy the graph for a project or presentation, but only want certain aspects of it included:

We hope you find the new data useful and informative. For more information about how the data is used and integrated into the Atlas, be sure to read the "Learn More" link associated with each component. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Community Atlas researchers at:


Posted: 7/19/2011
USF Helps Clothes to Kids, Inc in Kids Clothing Drive

The mission of Clothes To Kids is to provide new and quality used clothing to low-income, school-age children in Pinellas County, free of charge. Clothes To Kids envisions a community in which every school-age child has quality clothing so that he or she may attend school with the condence and self-esteem needed to achieve academic success. For more information about Clothes to Kids, Inc. visit the website below:

Posted: 7/12/2011
MOSI Celebrates 6th Birthday Of Children's Science Center

What: 6th Birthday celebration for MOSI's Kids In Charge! children’s science center
When: Sunday, July 17, beginning at 10 a.m.
Where: Museum of Science and Industry, 4801 East Fowler Ave. in Tampa

Come keep the beat and help MOSI celebrate the 6th birthday of Florida's largest children’s science center, Kids In Charge! Dance, jump and learn about rhythm, sound waves, tone and much more at MOSI on Sunday, July 17, beginning at 10 a.m.

Posted: 6/3/2011
Hold Scott to his word...

What the governor said a week ago when he vetoed $615 million from Florida's $69.7 billion budget: "I’m confident that most of us agree that school funding is far more important than spending these dollars on alligator marketing, or boat racing or anything else that the Tallahassee insiders think is so important.”

Posted: 3/23/2011
2009 Aerial Imagery Now Available on the Atlas!

2009 one-foot, true color aerial imagery provided by SWFMWD is now available to view within the Advanced Mapping Tool. Aerials can be found within the Aerial Photography category within the map's table of contents.

Posted: 3/21/2011
Children's Movement of Florida Update

We’re in the early stages of building a movement for children, but leaders in other states already are eager to learn from us. Just this week, I spoke to an enthusiastic statewide gathering in Boise, Idaho. The weather was much colder than ours, but the reception was warm. Most of my speaking time is spent, as it should be, in Florida. One example from this week: A B’nai B’rith meeting in Aventura.

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